The first manuscript from the NTAP 2022 Cutaneous Neurofibroma Symposium was published digitally by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology today. The paper RAS Signaling Gone Awry in the Skin: The Complex Role of RAS in Cutaneous Neurofibroma Pathogenesis, Emerging Biological Insights – Journal of Investigative Dermatology ( is one of six manuscripts focused on a range of topics critical to developing effective therapies for neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) associated cutaneous neurofibromas (cNFs).

cNFs are the most common tumor type in people with the diagnosis of NF1, a genetic condition that impacts 1/3000 people worldwide. Rhodes et al. 2023 review what is known about the relationship between Ras signaling and cutaneous neurofibroma (cNF) development with the goal of highlighting therapeutic opportunities for cutaneous neurofibromas (cNFs).

The NTAP 2022 Cutaneous Neurofibroma Symposium brought together experts from multiple different backgrounds including biology, biochemistry, dermatology, surgery, wound healing, oncology, neuroscience, pathology, genetics, immunology, neurology, business development  and patient advocacy representing the ranks of academia, industry, and government agencies to address a specific subset of topics pertinent to cutaneous neurofibroma (cNF). The scientists formed teams to deeply investigate the state of the field for cutaneous neurofibroma (cNF) ranging from pathology and biology of these tumors to therapeutic strategies for cutaneous neurofibroma (cNF) clinical trials. These efforts led to a request for applications (completed in December 2022), funding of nine new projects and six manuscripts to be published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology that serve as a call to the investigative and therapeutic community to invest in advancing new therapies for cutaneous neurofibromas (cNFs) .