Discovering Therapies for Neurofibromatosis, One Of The World’s Most Common Rare Diseases

NTAP leads and funds breakthrough research to accelerate treatment options for NF1-related plexiform and cutaneous neurofibromas.


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A fully-funded research ecosystem that accelerates results

Basic scientists and clinical researchers from around the world join the NTAP community because our funded initiatives have the highest likelihood of achieving breakthroughs in basic science and achieving meaningful therapeutic outcomes.

The NTAP research acceleration model

The outsize volume, speed, and impact of NTAP’s research into NF1 therapies is achieved in multiple ways. We value:

  • A culture of collaboration and transparency that is unique both within and outside the field of NF1
  • Clear focus on plexiform and cutaneous neurofibromas
  • Deliberately non-bureaucratic, streamlined application processes for funding with conflict-free reviewers
  • Funding that delivers depth and flexibility
  • Leadership with clinical excellence and scientific depth across the full spectrum of NF1 research
  • Partnerships with life science companies and NF organizations around the world

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