Cutaneous neurofibroma tumors research and clinical trials

People with NF1 say that cNFs are one of the condition’s greatest burdens. cNFs are a major unmet medical need impacting >95% of adults with NF1.

How we are accelerating cutaneous neurofibroma research






Cutaneous neurofibromas (cNFs) are the most common tumor in people with NF1, manifesting as small bumps on the skin that increase in number and size over time. Over 95% of people with NF1 will develop cNFs.

Treatments for cutaneous neurofibromas (cNFs) are an urgent, unmet need for people living with the complex syndrome of NF1.

NTAP funds research targeted at inventing, identifying and developing effective therapies for NF1-associated cNFs.

Initiatives that accelerate discovery

2022 cNF Symposium and Research Initiative

  • Prioirty areas identified and research ideas adopted
  • 6 manuscripts published
  • $5.6 million awarded for 9 new scientific projects created to advance our understanding of and treatments for cNF

2016 Cutaneous Neurofibromas Summit. The first ever cNF scientific initiative.

  • 17 world-wide thought leaders met and reviewed existing data and identified the most urgent needs for cNF research and clinical therapeutic development
  • cNF priority areas identified and research ideas proposed
  • 5 manuscripts produced
  • 10 new scientific projects created to advance NF1 cNF understanding