How we fund

It is no secret that scientific research is traditionally siloed and friends-fund-friends.

At NTAP we are committed to a different, groundbreaking funding model in order to deliver on our mission of getting effective therapeutics to people with NF1 in the shortest amount of time possible.

In our first decade, having granted $60 million, we have held fast to our commitments including:

  • Collaboration and collaborative funding models
  • Providing researchers with the scientific tools and resources they need
  • A fair, timely grant-making process with conflict-free reviewers
  • Engagement between academic and industry researchers
  • No or minimal intellectual property restrictions
  • High impact networking and communication
  • Bringing the best-and-the-brightest into our field, no matter what their discipline
  • Focusing on getting therapeutics to clinic

Our goal is to never slow down research, but rather to speed it up.   We have open proposals, solicited proposal programs, and we fund the next-generation of MD/PhDs leading NF1 research..

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