Open Proposals

Get the resources you need to discover effective therapies for NF

NTAP invites innovative proposals from all investigators and inventors, regardless of their location or primary research focus. Funding under the Open Proposal Program is available on a rolling basis and new grants are awarded quarterly. If you have an idea for a compelling research project with the potential to accelerate therapeutics for NF1, we want to hear from you.

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The past decade revealed that neurofibromin is a driver in common cancers. I believe that unlocking the science of NF1… will spawn breakthroughs in treatments for many cancers.

Frank McCormick
UC San Francisco

What funding includes

  • Annual salary matched to >NIH maximum cap
  • Direct funding for research
  • Up to 10% in indirect costs

List of past proposals that received funding

To review a list of proposals that have previously received grants under the Open Proposals program, visit the Index of Funded programs.