Open Proposals

In addition to solicited requests for applications, NTAP invites proposals from all investigators (regardless of their location or primary research focus) who have compelling research projects designed to accelerate the development of effective treatments for NF1 associated peripheral nerve sheath tumors.

Please follow the guidelines described in the form (located on the right sidebar).

Visit the following website to begin applying:

All proposals received through the open application mechanism are internally reviewed and the applying investigators notified of the status of their applications by the last week of each quarter. Proposals of interest will be referred for additional peer review by members of the NTAP Scientific Advisory Board and appropriate experts prior to final decisions. All submitted materials are reviewed within NTAP’s strict confidentiality guidelines. In addition to funding selected proposals, NTAP supports up to 10% in indirect costs, with an annual salary cap identical to that of NIH. See NIH guidelines.

Information about previously funded Open Proposal can be found here.