Solicited Proposals

NTAP research initiatives are dedicated to ensuring that early discoveries are translated into effective treatments for plexiform neurofibromas (pNFs) and cutaneous neurofibromas (cNF) as efficiently as possible.

Our solicited proposals target key gaps in the understanding of pNFs and CNFs and accelerate the development of therapies against these tumors. In addition to funding the projects, NTAP supports up to 10% in indirect costs. Several times each year, NTAP announces new requests for proposals (RFPs) on this page and through announcements distributed through the scientific community.

Open solicited proposals:

Opening the data drawers: Request for Data in Neurofibromatosis:

Initiative and Application Materials

A critical challenge in neurofibromatosis (NF) research has been the scarcity of comprehensive, reusable data. The NF Open Science Initiative, powered by the Neurofibromatosis Therapeutic Acceleration Program (NTAP), Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF), and other organizations, has made great strides in fostering collaborative and open scientific research practices ( A selection of recent examples of freely-available raw data resources that have been made available through this effort include genomic, gene expression, methylation, SNP array, drug screening, kinomics, and several other types of data:

However, there is a body of untapped scientific data that, for a variety of reasons, has not been published. These reasons include null results regarding the specific questions posed in a study, data that replicates prior research, studies that were never finalized to the point of generating conclusive results, and historic expectations regarding raw data sharing, among other reasons.  Consequently, these data are “lost to time” and are not available for the broader research community to explore and mine for novel insights. NTAP and CTF are seeking to identify and publicly share these “lost to time” datasets.  Therefore, we are accepting applications from investigators who are interested in sharing previously unpublished but quality assured datasets to spur new secondary research.  These data will be curated and support will be given for potentially publishing in a peer reviewed journal as a scientific resource as well as shared publicly with the broader research community to add to the knowledge base available via the NF Open Science Initiative. The shared datasets will be attributed to the contributor so that they can be cited when any of the data is used for secondary research.

The datasets selected through this RFA will be curated to make the data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) so that they can become a valuable resource to the contributing investigator as well as to the research community for the purpose of accelerating NF research.

Past solicited proposals:

  • 04/19/2017: Understanding of Cutaneous Neurofibromas
  • 03/15/2013:  Development of Patient Reported Outcomes for Plexiform Neurofibromas
  • 01/15/2013:  Biomarker Development for Plexiform Neurofibroma
  • 10/01/2012:  Novel Cell Culture Model Systems of Plexiform Neurofibroma