Solicited Proposals

NTAP research initiatives are dedicated to ensuring that early discoveries are translated into effective treatments for plexiform neurofibromas (pNFs) as efficiently as possible.

Our solicited proposals target key gaps in the understanding of pNFs and accelerate the development of therapies against these tumors. In addition to funding the projects, NTAP supports up to 10% in indirect costs. Several times each year, NTAP announces new requests for proposals (RFPs) on this page and through announcements distributed through the scientific community.

Open solicited proposals:

Currently, there are no RFAs

Past solicited proposals:

  • 04/19/2017: Understanding of Cutaneous Neurofibromas
  • 03/15/2013:  Development of Patient Reported Outcomes for Plexiform Neurofibromas
  • 01/15/2013:  Biomarker Development for Plexiform Neurofibroma
  • 10/01/2012:  Novel Cell Culture Model Systems of Plexiform Neurofibroma